what is wabi-sabi

What is Wabi-Sabi & Can It Improve My Life?

Can the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi improve your life?

We’ve hygged. We’ve lagomed. And now we’re set to embrace the Japanese principle of wabi-sabi. So what is wabi-sabi? Basically it encourages you to embrace imperfection and transience. If you constantly buy new clothes once the shine wears off what you already have, then this is for you. If you flip from one exercise to the other because you become bored quickly then this is for you.

There’s no direct English translation, but historically wabi-sabi has been used around accepting crop yields (sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re bad) and accepting the beauty in the old. From people to things, wabi-sabi encourages us to look at life with fresh eyes.

How can we embrace wabi-sabi every day?

  • Find a new use for something old

    • We know that kintsugi is the practice of embracing the cracks in the imperfect, so by using that principle wabi-sabi helps us find the beauty in the old. From people to pottery, wabi-sabi encourages us to look at things surrounding us with new eyes and find a new use for that which we already have instead of replacing it.
  • Appreciate the used

    • People, clothes, furniture. Instead of thinking things lose their value the older realise that value remains no matter how many years pass.
  • Stop striving for perfection

    • Instead of living life for social media or trying to be perfect all the time, experience life.
  • Pay attention to nature

    • Notice how transient our world is. From leaves falling to animals shedding their coats, nature moves on and there’s nothing we can do to change that. So instead, we should sit back and accept the passing of time.

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