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What’s On This Weekend

Looking for something to do this weekend? Then check out the best wellness-inspired events taking place around the country. From handstand workshops to mindfulness masterclasses, there’s something for everyone

If you’re at a loose end this weekend we’ve got you covered, there’s dozens of events taking place around the country, so we’ve just picked the best three! Enjoy

What’s on in Dublin?

The Art of Stopping @ All Hallows College

Join Bettina Romhardt for a day of mindfulness in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. Practice really coming back to the present moment by stopping, stopping, stopping and resting and  learn how to bring that home and absorb into our daily routines. There will also be a dharma talk and guided relaxation.

Bettina Romhardt is a qualified naturopath who spent five years as a long-term resident with the Plum Village Sangha. In 1995 she became a member of the Order of Interbeing, and in 2004 she was ordained Dharmacharya by Thay.

Sunday, 15 July from 10am – 4.30pm. Tickets are priced from €20 and are available here 

Handstand Practice with Brian Malone @ Hot Yoga Dublin

Do you want to be able to pop up into handstand every time you practice yoga? Then this is the course for you! Sign up for four weeks or opt for a drop in schedule and follow Brian Malone as he works through the elements needed to successful practice handstands.

Work through the importance of finger placement, weight balancing and the importance of the shoulder girdle.

Sunday, 15 July 11am – 12pm. Four week course is priced at €55 and you can register here

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HANDSTAND COURSE 🤙 . . . I’m very happy to be running another handstand course at @hotyogadublin, beginning this week and running for the next 4 Sunday’s from 11-12am. This will be a good way to break down handstands in more depth and to create a more consistent and beneficial handstand practice. Handstands can be challenging and confusing, but focusing on this different facets in details will help you build more awareness and understanding of how to get there. This will allow you to find more freedom and comfort when it comes to balancing on your hands. If you can’t make all 4 don’t worry, drop ins each week are more than welcome. No prior experience necessary, feel free to contact me for more questions or you can book through this link https://hotyogadublin.ticketbud.com/handstand-practice—4-week-course-with-brian-malone-12c0d3e540a9 . . . Happy Tuesday . . . #yoga #yogapractice #handstand #handstands #handstanding #balance #inversion #namasteireland #calisthenics #hotyogadublin #yogaireland #yogadudes #boysofyoga

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What’s on in Westmeath?

Empowered Mama @ The Hodson Bay Hotel

This is Shirley Tutty and Rosie Greaney’s second event and is based around becoming an empowered mother. Empowered Mama – Self Care with doTERRA Essential Oils, Meditation and Yoga encourages us all to place self care at the core of our daily routine. By placing ourselves first you need to learn stop being the giver in the family. This is not a place which is helpful for anyone and can be avoided simply by taking time out in one’s daily schedule, using essential oils and using the technique of heartfulness meditation, and some simple yoga exercises.

On the day you will be welcomed k with a goodie bag, flavoured water with essential oils. Expect a jam packed morning of self care with oils, tools and processes for empowerment. The morning will finish with a beautiful meditation to finish off.

Saturday, 14 July from 9.30am – 2pm. Tickets are priced at €27.30 and are available here


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💕💪Celebrating 1 year with my gorgeous little lady AND reaching my 1 year body goal this morning, with the support of my fabulous lady mentors! 💕💪 Given motherhood requires ALOT of ourselves, there's often not much time left over for us. However I was committed for my mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing for the sake of ALL my family that I would commit to some detailed realistic health goals giving myself an entire year to achieve them: My Daily Affirmation: 'I am so grateful and happy I am X kgs of health, wellness, vitality, nutrition, strength, tone and unconditional love on or before the 31st of July 2017' This daily affirmation not only attracted into my life a myriad of wonderful ladies who supported me every step of the way, on every level; physically, mentally, nutritionally and spiritually, exactly as I needed them but it also safe guarded me against any negative self talk along the way. Also, because I had given myself 1 full year from birth, I found it was the ideal goal for multiple reasons. It was; 🌟Long enough that I wasn't overwhelmed, under pressure or consumed in any shape or form by it and it never once detracted from my most important prioritises – nurturing and caring for my children! 🌟Short enough to keep me focused during pregnancy, immediately after birth and as the year progressed to ensure I was making good decisions daily when it came to my nutrition, exercise and self care within my influence and abilities in order to keep me on track to meet my 1 year goal! 🌟This 1 goal attracted into my life the most amazing and inspiring people who helped me slowly and surely reach my goal but also helped me steadily shift my mindset to one of long term optimal health which is now sustainable for me because it has become part of my lifestyle and daily habits. If your interested in learning more about my journey and how I did it, please register on the link below whereI will be releasing details for a FREE webinar in August on my weekly newsletter: http://birthtobusiness.com/weekly-insights-sign/ #pregnancy #birth #baby #health #wellness #nutrition #balance #exercise #pilates #buggybootcamp #cardio #babybodyfit #goals

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