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What’s On This Weekend: 1 March 2019

Spring has sprung in Dublin, so time to get out and about and start moving again. Are you wondering what’s on this weekend? Here’s our round up of the best wellness-inspired events taking place in the capital

At a loose end this weekend and wondering what’s on? Here’s the best events taking place in Dublin.

What’s on in Dublin?

Aerial Hoops and Flexibility Workshops @ Taking Flight

Three workshops taking place throughout the one afternoon, do one or do all! There’s the an aerial hoop workshop which will enable you to learn some gorgeous moves and a beautiful choreography, this workshop is designed for beginners, and help you find your love of flying. Next up is Spincraft, a workshop will help you start your spin, maintain your spin and create within your spin. You will learn uplifting and beautiful short sequences designed to help you on your path to aerial hoop mastery. And finally is the supportive stretching workshop; which will see you flow through stretches and movement techniques designed to release tension and increase mobility in the most common areas of stress caused by life and an active lifestyle. You will come come away with some necessary tools to keep your body going for longer!

Sunday, 3 March from 12pm – 6pm. Entry is priced from €42.49 for one workshop and you can book a ticket here

Movement+ @ NutButter

First up is Yoga led by Julie B Yoga. Julie Burke is a yoga and wellness teacher and founder of Hotpod Yoga Dublin. Julie trained all over the world before returning to Ireland in 2017 to open HotPod Yoga. In the crazy paced world we live in Julie tries to find the perfect balance to keep both the body and the mind fit and healthy and encourages her students to explore the benefits of yoga and mindfulness stretching far past the physical practice.

Our Pilates class will be led by Audrey O’Connor of AerFitness. Audrey incorporates strength and conditioning while encouraging better movement patterns.She believes Pilates is about healing, strengthening and lengthening through movement.

All tickets include one class and brunch. Brunch dishes include a delicious selection of NuttButters Classic Acai bowls, porridges and their selection of NuttButter toasts. Coffee and side orders are available to purchase separately on the day. Thank you to our sponsors VitHit who will also be providing lots of refreshment post workout.

Sunday, 3 March from 10am. Tickets are priced from €24.87 and are available here

Wim Hof Method Workshop @ Movement Studio

Wim Hof, also known as The Iceman, is a Dutch extreme athlete noted for his ability to withstand extreme cold. He has set Guinness world records for swimming under ice and prolonged full-body contact with ice, and still holds the record for a barefoot half-marathon on ice and snow. Take on some of his strategy in this workshop, which will teach you how to breathe fully and deeply, improve your focus and determination, and use gradual exposure to the cold to strengthen your immune system, balance hormone levels and elevate your mood.

Saturday, 2 March from 1pm – 4pm. Tickets are priced from €95 and are available here

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