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What’s On This Weekend: 22 March 2019

Looking to improve your yoga practice this weekend and wondering what’s on? Here’s three events taking place around the country that will help

Whats on in Dublin?

Sunday Sweat @ Brown Thomas

Join Kate McQuillan for a dynamic, creative and fun vinyasa flow with a little ashtanga inspiration. Prepare to build up a sweat and challenge your body and mind through twists and balancing poses before finishing with a long (and well deserved!) savasana. Hosted by Lululemon, this event is free but booking is necessary.

Sunday, 24 March from 10am – 10.45am. Register here

Head Over Heels Handstand Workshop @ Samadhi

Conquering fear is the first hurdle we face in our handstand practice. It can be a lonely, frustrating and unfulfilling road. But fear not! In this fun and creative workshop, we’ll work together to build your confidence and give you the tools to safely get upside down. We’ll delve into anatomy, specific strength movements, handstand variations, various entry and exit transitions and partner work.
This workshop is suitable for all levels, including complete beginners.
Sunday, 24 March from 11am – 1pm. Tickets are available here

What’s on in Belfast?

Twist and Lengthen: Back Strengthening and Spine Mobilising with Adam Husler @ Flow Studio

When we backbend, we love to collapse in the lower back, squash the neck and roll the eyes back because it makes us feel like we’re going further. In twists, we love to spin the neck and throw the arm, because it makes us feel like we’re going further.
In this workshop, we’re going to reign things in and begin to find evenness in the backbends, congruence in our twists, and strength in the muscles that are there to move us in these directions. Expect both an experience, but also a development of your understanding of the mechanics of the spine, in relation to an asana practice.
Instead of starting with contortion skills, we’ll start from the ground up, breaking down vinyasa and salutation technique, and you’ll already begin using muscles you might not have felt before. We’ll continue our exploration as work to undulate through individual vertebrae, unlock and strengthen our iPhone hunched upper back/neck and begin to move more dynamically through the spine in controlled vinyasa context.
Before we neutralise our spine, in a well-deserved vinyasa, we’ll have time to put our learning into practice and look at some deeper asanas like wheel, inverted staff pose, king pigeon, drop backs and full dancers.
Sunday, 24 March from 10am – 12pm. Tickets are priced at £20 and are available here

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