What’s On Next Week

If you’ve overdone the turkey and the Baileys are spending your days napping between Gavin & Stacey reruns you may need to shake things up a little. So here’s three of the best pop up workshops taking place between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. And of course, if you’re happy on the couch stay there – it’s all about balance after all.

4 Day Christmas Challenge @ OSLO Health

Motivation can be the hardest part during the hazy week between Christmas and New Year, and if you know you’ll struggle to push yourself then join James Hale at Oslo Health for his four day challenge. Each day is sold separately and focuses on different areas, meaning you can do all four or just choose the area you want to focus on. Day one kicks off with a full body workout; day two is all about the legs and butt; day three sees you work on the chest, back and abs while day four is all about abs.

27 – 30 December, pricing and booking information can be found here

Urban Christmas Retreat @ Yoga Dublin

Join Sibylle Dallmann for her annual four-day urban yoga retreat at Yoga Dublin’s Ranelagh Studio. Expect to sweat, stretch and be held in a space that encourages you to digest all that 2017 brought and all that 2018 offers. Each class is a stand alone entity that can be booked individually. However if you have the time to attend the full retreat you’ll go through a continuous development that will transform your practice over the weekend.

27 – 30 December, €25 per class or €75 for all four. Bookings can be made here

New Year’s Retreat @ Cliffs of Moher Retreat

When a daily retreat won’t cut it, head west and indulge in a week long retreat at the stunning Cliffs of Moher Retreat. The package includes twice daily yoga classes in a studio with stunning views, delicious home-cooked meals served by candlelight and morning walks. There’s also plenty of free time available to nap, read or indulge in a massage. One of the most relaxing and restorative walks to ring in 2018.

27 December – 2 January. Prices start at €940 and bookings can be made here