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What’s On This Weekend: 22 August 2019

It’s a weekend of movement and education as we round up the best wellness-inspired events taking place in Dublin

At a loose end this weekend? Worry not, we have you sorted with the best wellness-inspired events taking place in Dublin, including three workshops from Lululemon ambassador Doug Robson.

What’s on in Dublin?

Doug Robson @ Reformation

Join UK Lululemon ambassador Doug Robson for three workshops at Reformation, including his legendary Warrior practice. Drawing from his experience training and performing as a stuntman and his love for yoga, Doug has taken elements of yoga, Muay Thai, kung fu, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu to come up with a new style of yoga. Combining martial arts strikes and forms with traditional yoga poses, this workshop will empower you and introduce you to new ways of moving. Doug will also be teaching a second workshop dedicated to  inversions and a third dedicated to the humble block, and all its uses.

Saturday, 24 August from 1pm – 3pm and 3.30pm – 5pm. Sunday, 25 August from 1pm – 5pm. Entry is priced at €35 per workshop and you can book your place here. Simply login to MindBody and sign up via the Enrollments tab.

Lower back & hip mobilisation workshop @ The Elbowroom

The theme for this workshop is rehabilitate and relax, and throughout the 2.5 hours you’ll learn stretches, self-applied massage and breath techniques. Participants will deepen their relationships to the lumbar spine, pelvic girdle and hip joints in an effort to begin a pain-free relationship with their own bodies using simple techniques that can be applied at home or shared in a class environment.

Physical therapist and movement physiology teacher Joseph Devlin continues to develop this workshop designed for beginners and advanced movement practitioners, who have experienced injuries or pain in their lower back and hips.

Friday, 23 August from 7pm – 9.30pm. Entry is priced at €45 and your place can be booked here

108 Sun Salutations in support of Dublin Rape Crisis Centre @ Little Bird

Join Fabiana Mizzoni for this very special practice in aid of Dublin Rape Crisis Centre. This revitalising session gives you the chance to experience the ancient practice of saluting the sun. This is a special opportunity to elevate your physical and spiritual practice among fellow students.

The class will open with a brief explanation and a chance to ask any questions you may have. Fabiana will detail some variations that you can make to your salutation sequence if necessary. After warming the joints, we will begin. Together we will perform nine blocks of 12 traditional stepping sun salutations. You will build heat, you will sweat, and you’ll find that the repetition of movements allows you to move deeper into your practice, experiencing a moving meditation with 17 other students. After completing 108 rounds we will wind down with some long-held grounding asanas, and then close our afternoon with a deeply nourishing savasana.

Saturday, 24 August from 3pm – 5. Entry is €25 and you can book your place here

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