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What’s on this weekend: 26 April, 2019

At a loose end this weekend and wondering what’s on in Dublin? We’ve got you sorted

What’s on in Dublin this weekend?

Rocket Yoga Masterclass @ YogaHub Camden

Rocket yoga is taking London by storm, and this weekend Sarah Grogan is teaching a masterclass for those looking to try something new. Based off Ashtanga, the rocket yoga sequence is dynamic and challenging; yet playful and it’s called rocket because it gets you there faster. The flow builds in a number of inversions, fun arm balances and challenging transitions. The energizing nature of this practice often proves to be love at first sight for many who try it.

In this session Sarah will teach a full Rocket sequence, taking some time to break down those tough arm balances and transitions.  It’s an all levels class, so there will be variations for everyone. Just remember, as Larry Schultz, the creator of Rocket Yoga, best put it: “You are stronger than you think you are.”

And for those interesting in pushing even further, Sarah is also teaching a back bend masterclass in YogaHub on the same afternoon.

Saturday, 27 April from 12pm – 2pm. Tickets are priced at €30 and are available here 

Chats and brunch with best-selling author Marianne Power

Marianne Power was in a broke, hungover, single rut when she had an idea: What would happen if she followed everything self-help books told her to do for an entire year? Would it magically fix everything that was ‘wrong’ with her life?
Come find out as International best-selling author Marianne Power talks to Leslie Ann Horgan, of the Irish Independent, about her wonderful book, Help Me!
Described by The Sunday Times as ‘The Bridget Jones of Self-Improvement’ and Fearne Cotton as ‘hilarious and thought-provoking’, listen to Leslie Ann chat to Marianne about what she learned from her self-improvement mission and what life is like now that Help Me! has been nominated for an Irish Book Award, been translated into 27 languages and snapped up by Hollywood.
Then sit down to a delicious Kerala Kitchen Biryani Brunch. A perfect thought-provoking and nourishing way to kick off your weekend!
Saturday, 27 April @ 11am. Tickets are priced at €27.50 and are available here

Emotions and Embodied Experience: An Inward Journey through Yin Yoga @ Little Bird

There are various reasons why we carry muscular tension throughout the body but have you ever considered that there may be an emotional connection to this? It has been proven that our body has a physical response to emotional and mental stress. Our muscles and fascia can harbour certain emotions and if we don’t allow ourselves to let go of these repressed emotions, it can lead to chronic muscular tension and other health conditions.

Unlike a dynamic yang practice that works the muscles through repetition, Yin works the deeper layers of the body such as the fascia, connective tissues, joints and bones. Yin is a deeply healing and nourishing practice with profound physical, emotional and energetic effects. This workshop will take you on a journey of self realisation, self acceptance and self love and use yin yoga to release the emotional tension that may be stored within the body.

Sunday, 28 April from 3pm – 5pm. Tickets are priced at €30 and are available here

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