what's on this weekend

What’s On This Weekend

We’ve been paid, there’s a grand stretch in the evenings and we’re ready to smash some goals. So, if you’re wondering what’s on this weekend and at a loose end why not book into a workshop? We’ve rounded up three of the best workshops taking place around the country this weekend which focus on fitness, health and wellbeing.

Project Revive Goes West @ Bonco Wellness, ClareMorris

If Project Revive has been clogging up your Insta feed but you can’t quite make the trek to Dublin, then you’re in for a treat this weekend as the girls head west. Join them in Bonco Wellness ClareMorris on Saturday and Bonco Wellness in Castlebar on Sunday for a combo class of Pilates and meditation.

Saturday, 27 January @ 5.30pm & Sunday, 28 January @ 11.30am, priced at €30. Bookings can be made here

Nutrition Rebooted @ Urban Health, Ranelagh 

If you’re on track diet wise for 2018 but are starting to run out of ideas then this is the workshop for you. Join the Nutritionist Foodie Lauren Healy as she shares simple tips you can incorporate into your daily routine. You’ll also get plenty of recipes and time for a Q&A at the end.

Saturday, 27 January from 3pm – 4.30pm, priced at €18. Bookings can be made here

Neuromuscular Activation & Stress Management Workshop @ The Elbow Room, Stoneybatter

During this fun and interactive workshop, you will learn how daily stress impacts upon your physical body. You will also discover how easy it is to interrupt poor neuromuscular patterns and reawaken muscles that have become confused and switched off. Just like putting a new fuse into a blown circuit! We will begin by exploring how our thoughts influence our nervous system. How our hearing and sight affect our balance and why, when you override poor breathing patterns, the body responds immediately. After the fun parts, we’ll practice a little yoga/Pilates fusion and some really helpful take-away breathing exercises and neuro-activation tips.

Saturday, 27 January from 2pm – 4.30pm, priced at €40. Bookings can be made here