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What’s On This Weekend: 28 December 2018

The new year is just upon us, so if you’re taking it easy in preparation here’s the best of what’s on this weekend. Wellness wise.

As we head towards a new year, it’s time to leave the indulgences behind us and look to 2019 as a fresh slate. Thankfully there’s a host of events taking place that will help us achieve just that. So here’s our roundup of what’s on this weekend.

What’s on in Dublin?

Yin Yang Christmas Calm Workshop @ YogaHub Camden

Join Brian Malone for this 2-day urban retreat designed to help you settle after the busy festive period and prepare for the new year ahead.

Day 1: Although Christmas should be a time for rest and relaxation, for a lot of of people it can be the most hectic and challenging time of year. This day’s practice will help you slow down to reconnect. You will begin with a yin practice, with a particular focus on the energy of the kidneys, which in traditional Chinese medicine are seen as the storehouse of our vital energy. You will then move through a restorative movement and pranayama practice before finishing with a long savasana.

Saturday, 29 December from 1pm-3pm. One day only entry is priced at €30 and is available here

Day 2: On Sunday you’ll focus on a more active, energizing practice. Expect a traditional Vinyasa practice, combining active, fluid movement with longer holds. Expect to build strength, mobility and flexibility, setting the groundwork for the new year ahead.

Sunday, 30 December from 1pm-3pm. One day only entry is priced at €30 and is available here

Two day entry costs €49 and is available here

Christmas Restorative Comedown @ Little Bird

Take some time for yourself this holiday season. Christmas time can be both wonderful and trying, often leaving us feeling depleted. This workshop will help to restore your energy and peace of mind. Led by candle light and the wonderful Fabiana Mizzoni, this workshop will open with a yoga nidra and a gentle warm-up, followed by a series of deeply soothing restorative poses wrapped up in blankets, leaving you calm and rested.

Thursday, 27 December from 7pm – 9pm. Entry is priced at €25 and you can book a place here

What’s on in Meath?

Restorative Yoga & Gong Bath @ Yoga Loft

In this two-hour restorative yoga and gong bath you can take an opportunity to slow down and allow your body and mind to reset. This session will incorporate the deep holistic sound resonance of a symphonic gong bath. This provides a cocoon of living tones which penetrate into the many layers of your being; including the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies.

In restorative yoga all postures are fully supported with blankets, blocks and bolsters ensuring your comfort. All while your body gently relaxes.

Saturday, 29 December from 1pm – 3pm. Entry is priced at €21.59 and bookings can be made here

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