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What’s On This Weekend: 29 March, 2019

Are you wondering what’s on this weekend? From cooking to yoga there’s something for everybody. Here’s the best of the wellness-related events taking place around the country.

What’s on this weekend in Dublin?

Adam Hocke @ YogaHub

Adam Hocke is a teacher, writer, and mentor, empowering his students’ yoga practice and self-care. Through a unique blend of vinyasa flow and restorative yoga, he offers anatomically precise and accessible classes to awaken and renew the body. Join him this weekend for a weekend of workshops, aimed at teachers and students. On Saturday, he’ll host two workshops aimed at helping your refine your practice and mastering inversions.

Find your flow: rhythmic vinyasa for mental well-being, Saturday 30 March from 10am -12.30pm

What’s needed to ensure your vinyasa flow practice is pain-free and enjoyable? To answer, this workshop will have two goals. First up, Adam will focus on developing, refining, and advancing the primary components of vinyasa. This will include sun salutations, chaturangas and transitional steps. Secondly, he’ll ensure that you use rhythmic movements to balance your nervous system. Meaning you finish class feeling better than when you started.

Inversions for everybody: handstand, forearm-stand, and more, Saturday 30 March from 2pm – 4.30pm

Can everyone benefit from inversions or is it just a way to show off in class? In this workshop, we will explore the effects inversions have on your nervous system and find your unique path to getting up, staying up, and getting down in one piece. We will begin with customised preparations based on your combination of physical and mental barriers and learn to get up with the wall, with a partner, and with nothing but air around you. Experienced practitioners can learn the variations available once you are airborne. If all else fails, we will explore alternatives that yield the same benefits.

Saturday, 30 March. Tickets from €25 per workshop to €69 for the full weekend, which includes access to the teacher’s workshop on Friday, 29 March. Book your place here

Botanical Alchemy Workshop @ WokeCup Cafe

A four hour plant-based beginners cookery workshop hosted by Bliss Bites and Veggie Viking. A perfect introduction to learning how to craft delicious plant based food and raw desserts.
Raw food chef Ellenmaeve will be demonstrating some of her favourite recipes that are both easy to create at home and also highly nutritious. She will be sharing tips and tricks on how to create a delicious and vibrant dinner menu for any occasion. Ellenmaeve has been running Veggie Viking since November 2015, specialising in raw and cooked plant based cuisine. She has also completed the Raw Chef course at the Plant Based Academy in Dublin.
Owner, cake dealer and vegan sorceress of Bliss Bites Bakery, Andrina Farago, will share her knowledge in creating raw nutrient dense botanical inspired cakes and treats, while discussing how to use alternative ingredients that are free from refined sugar, egg and wheat.
Saturday, 30 March 2019 from 11am – 4pm. Tickets priced from €64 are available here

What’s on this weekend in Clonmel?

Sports Yoga Workshop @ Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy Clinic

If you’re looking for some familiar and new yoga moves to strengthen and stretch out the body then this is the workshop for you. Perfect for anyone with some experience looking to go a little further into their practice and understand the physio background behind some poses. Orla Crosse is a practicing chartered physiotherapist with a special interest in healthy pain free movement and making the best of what we have.

Saturday, 30 March from 10.30am – 12pm. Tickets are priced at €30 and can be bought here

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