What's on in Dublin 6 December

What’s On In Dublin This Weekend: 6 December, 2019

A round-up of what’s on in Dublin this weekend for those avoiding the festivities for as long as possible

Avoid the festive panic this weekend and take some time out for yourself. As the old saying goes you can’t pour from an empty cup, so indulge in some self-care before the Christmas season ramps up. Here’s a round-up of what’s on in Dublin this weekend.

What’s on in Dublin?

SOUL QUEST Cacao Ceremony, Sound Bath & Reiki Healing @ Reformation

Come join Mandalei Kuhn in this beautiful heart-opening and soul-centering experience of Cacao. Cacao has been used for 1,000s of years  as a medicine for physical and spiritual healing. It’s becoming popular in yoga communities worldwide because of its powerful ability to assist us in opening the heart. Mandalei will assist you in letting go of what no longer serves, manifesting intentions and connecting in with yourself so you can follow your inner wisdom and ignite our creativity. Best of all Cacao opens your heart to give and receive unencumbered love.

Cacao is rich in flavonoids (natural antioxidants that protect us from disease) and magnesium. So it assists with energy, healthy sleeping patterns, and general well being. It also increases the flow of healing oxygen to all organs and tissues.

The ceremony starts with a grounding meditation and some very, very gentle heart-opening postures on the floor. The group will then ceremonially drink our Cacao together and journey into space where we can meet her and receive her guidance. There will be music, shamanic drumming and singing bowls to assist the journey. You will leave feeling nourished, grounded and loved.

Saturday, 7 December from 3pm – 6pm. Tickets are priced from €40 and are available here

H&G’s Christmas Dining Experience Phantasmagoria @ Orlagh Country House

H&G Creations are back with another all-singing, rhyming and dancing Christmas dinner. This is the perfect way to kick-start the festive season with an original theatre, spoke word, art, music, food and some of Ireland’s top performers and event stylists. And we can’t wait!

Join H&G on a journey within the setting of a Georgian mansion built in 1790 where time stands still. Whilst winding down and re-connecting with loved ones, Spooky Beuor will tell the tail of the spirits of Dublin descending upon these very grounds they call home leading to centuries of festive jubilance descend upon the house!

The experience includes, a 3-course vegetarian meal, a welcome drink in front of a roaring fire, interactive theatrical performance and story-telling by @spookybeour.

This BYOB event takes place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday 5, 6 and 7 December from 7pm – 11pm. Tickets are priced at €64.39 and are available here.

Moon & The Mind @ YogaHub Camden

A 2-hour tantric hatha yoga practice to still and stabilize the mind; soothe anxiety, and invite clarity, awareness and stability into your yoga practice. Using mantra, pranayama, asana and meditation, Jenny will guide you through a full practice to create a firm foundation for clarity to rise, stilling the fluctuations of the modern mind back to their true, balanced & aligned nature.

Beneath exterior distractions, incessant movement and endless stimulants of city life, there is a place deep down in the mind which is always at ease. These ancient hatha yoga practices are designed to help you find that place again. Re-acquainting yourself with how it feels to be without the mental ‘noise’ that accompanies much of modern existence in the west, gradually learning to reside there at all times.

Suited to those wishing to deepen their practice, begin using mantra in practice, or beginners too (all levels welcome).

Saturday, 7 December from 4pm – 6pm. Tickets are priced at €25 and are available here