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What’s On This Weekend In Dublin, Cork and Galway: 17th January, 2019

Wondering what’s on this weekend? Well, there are lots of wellness-inspired events to chose from around Ireland, in Dublin, Cork and Galway.

As ‘Silly Season’ is over, it’s time to look for some more healthful and wholesome weekend activities. Here’s a roundup of what’s on across the country this weekend.

Find Your Fit Mojo @ Clayton Hotel Galway

If you have a fitness goal in mind this year, but don’t know how to reach it, this event is for you.

It’s January. So as a result, our social media feeds are plagued with fitness information (and misinformation) of all sorts. And it can be super confusing! 

In this workshop, you will learn how to tell fitness fact from fiction. Which workouts will suit your goals, how to break/create habits and nutrition 101: Macros, meal planning and food prep!

Saturday 18th Jan from 9.30am – 12.00pm. Tickets are priced at €22.20 and are available here.

F45 Heroes Hollywood

Are you an F45 member? Then this is a workout not to be missed! F45 training are hosting a global fundraising event to raise much needed funds to help with the bushfire emergency in Australia. Sign up for the Heroes Hollywood class and if you can spare €5 or €10, they will be collecting donations on the day. This event is only open to F45 members, but anyone can donate to this worthy cause via this link – all proceeds will be given directly to the Australian Red Cross, WIRES Wildlife Rescue and WWF Australia.

DRESS CODE: Wear blue, as a representation of the ‘true blue Aussie spirit’.

Saturday 18th Jan. Only open to F45 members, but all donations can be made here.

Charity Bootcamp Workout @ Steffan Fusco’s Studio

So as Steffan says, ‘we have all seen this little guy (The koala) now it’s time to step up and give him a hand’.

Steffan is holding a charity bootcamp at 10am in his Rathmines studio on Saturday the 18th, in aid of the relief efforts for the Australian bush fire crisis.

It’s a ‘donate what you feel like’ event. Whether you have €2 or €200 to spare, bring it along on the day. Work up a sweat, and have some fun, all while helping out a really good cause.

Saturday 18th Jan from 10-11am. DM Steffan Fusco on Instagram to book.

Movement & Breath Work Workshop @ Atelier Maser

Gigi Tynan and Greg Xavier are holding a movement and breathwork morning in Atelier de Maser from 11-1pm on Sunday the 19th of January. The day will begin with a combination of yoga and Pilates flow led by Gigi Tynan. Gigi will guide you through an hour of mindful movement, encouraging thought behind the sequence of your physical practice and giving you mental focus with a deep connection to your body.

And then, Greg will lead you through the benefits and practical application of breathwork in your everyday life, followed by a guided session of Wim Hof breathing. Wim Hoff breathing is the world’s leading breathwork technique that focuses on mental and emotional elements.

As the practice ends you will experience an instantaneous calming shift and emotional clarity as your body is brought into a deep state of relaxation.

Sunday 19th Jan from 11am – 1pm. Tickets are €54.23 and are available here.

Gerry Hussey Soul Sundays @ Rochestown Park Hotel, Cork

This workshop will be a powerful exploration and insight into the integrated connection of Mind, Body & Spirit, and how each of us have the ability to heal, inspire and renew ourselves in a way that allows us to experience the best of our true selves. The day will include meditation, visualisation, and attendees will even receive a post-workshop follow up video and coaching tools direct from Gerry Hussey.

Sunday 19th Jan from 9.30am – 4.30pm. Tickets start at €80.89 and are available here.

Twerk & Coffee @ Project Revive

Whether you are an experienced performer, or have never ever attempted to twerk before (apart from that one time you saw it in a music video and tentatively tried to see if you could do it in front of the mirror in your bedroom)…

Worry not!

Because this twerk tribe will welcome you with open arms. Go alone, or with a friend. The main idea behind this event is to build a community of strong, amazing women who will build each other’s confidence, and just have fun!

Sunday 19th Jan from 12/15 – 1.15pm. Tickets are €16.87 and are available here.

So there you have it WellFesters! Take your pick of what’s on in the world of wellness this weekend, and let us know how you get on!

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