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What is Wellfest?

WellFest is Ireland’s only health, fitness and wellness festival. WellFest is about participation, feeling good and most importantly having fun. 

What happens at WellFest?

At WellFest you get the opportunity to hand pick your own day of wellness from the large selection of classes, workshops and seminars on offer at the festival. 

Why go to WellFest?

Whether you want to kick start a new wellness regime or to simply expand your knowledge by learning  new skills from top professionals – WellFest is for you! 


“Had a fantastic day showcasing our forever living products at the well fest festival. Was a fantastic event. I look forward to next year!!!!” – Clare Fahey reviewed WellFest5 star

” Great day at wellfest. Really well organised. Learned so much about various exercises & movement to support & enhance the body&mind. ” – Carol Dwyer reviewed WellFest5 star

“Amazing Festival! Can’t wait to go again next year! ” – Amy Courtney reviewed WellFest5 star


WellFest was one of the best events I have attended. It was so much fun and the people doing the classes were so hardcore!  I know this event will grow and grow and hopefully I will get to come back and train like a Viking with you all in Ireland again. Love Svava x

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WellFest News

The Power of Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass juice is a potent blood cleanser and blood sugar balancer. Adding a small shot of wheatgrass to your daily diet will cause sugar cravings to naturally reduce over time.